Angel’s work explores the relationship between existentialism, spirituality, and psychosexuality. While generally based on his specific experiences, through a variety of mediums he explores his fascination and frustration with existence, but beyond its own subjective limits it often tells a story about the effects of global cultural interaction on the individual and their life journey. With influences as diverse as Francis Bacon, Pina Bausch, Cindy Sherman, Peter Greenaway, and The Velvet Undergound, whose works combined elements of pathos, sexuality, and the questioning mind of the individual, his work centralizes expressive, deconstructed figures, placed in undefined environments often exploring the abstract ideas of existence.


He met his husband during his initial visit to the U.K., soon after deciding to make the capital their home. They settled into South London’s vibrant and multicultural community of Brixton for nearly 2 decades. The work titled “Brixton Hamlet” (mixed media on canvas, 2010) is a reflection on the impact of his migration and the struggles of resettlement, but also a celebration of the new life he was able to build here. It speaks to how elements of English culture, society, and its artists began to influence his work.and is a conceptual portrait of the new identity that he would come to forge.


Being an international, interracial gay couple (Latino American and French) finding a community that would not only accept us but allow us to thrive was always going to be a challenge. “Axis of symmetry” (Mixed media on canvas, 2010) is a response to the unique and progressive cultural landscape of London. Instagram : @AITOart