'I left home because I was gay. 21 years later, home is gone and I am here.' 

Despite having grown up in a small religious community in rural Pennsylvania, Brian felt surprisingly undaunted by the prospect of living there as a gay man when he came out at the age of 18; his inability to assimilate had meant he was already used to living life peripherally. Eventually though, he was drawn to a city where where could live peacefully with a partner. He sees it as a common story even now. As an artist he looks to reconcile the home he has created with the home that has dissipated while he was away. 

His work for this exhibition is an 

examination of the way in which the his life has been moulded by his sexuality. By turning a critical eye on the life he left and the life he created, the artist seeks to reconcile his embracing a world of freedom with the eventual dissipation of 'home·. In doing so hopes to connect with viewers who see parallels in their own lives.