“Disposable” is a personal and social reflection, based on the stories of people Francisco has met and experiences Francisco has had since coming to London in 2009. Each story speaks of disposable and discarded moments, places, objects or even feeling. In an underlined manner he speaks about society, communities, contemporary values and gender identity amoung other issues. Experimenting and using disposable materials,  Francisco has created landscapes which complement each story bringing up a positive meaning around the concept of Disposable. Francisco started the project taking pictures of bubbles, it can be said that we all live in a designated bubble within society with a strong ‘gay bubble’ residing in U.K. that many can be glad to live in. Within our respective communities our family, our work, our groups of friends, our local pub, our neighbourhood, city, country, continent and even our planet is a type of a bubble. In light of current events society seems focused on a mainly nurturing bubble of one self with an inward focus.At a time where everything can be easily thrown away, things do not tend to be made to last for too long. Fuelled by a society that is moving toward more individualistic and self-centred patterns, social media is overloaded with self promotion, personal information and ‘selfies’. It can be said that in modern society time and relationships have become disposable. According to recent statistics, the average person spends more than two hours a day on dating apps; which is more than the average time spent eating. Francisco’s message behind this work Disposable is that as individuals we need to find a way to re-invent ourselves and our surroundings by breaking the individualistic inward looking circles and contribute more the changes needed to built up stronger communities.Even if we live in a wonderful country, we must not forget the efforts of older generations to facilitate the rights within the gay community. Is our duty to keep normalising and integrating LGBTQ communities for future generations worldwide.