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"Now, where are we?” asks LGBTQI artists' 50th anniversary exhibition 


Artist collective AndroTechne will present an exhibition in central London this summer to reflect upon the UK's social history, as part of commemorative events to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of sex between men. 


Curated by Michael Petry, "Now, where are we?" opens at the Strand Gallery on 27 June, and will feature works in a range of media, artists’ talks, discussions, and events.


AndroTechne are creating new work for the show and have invited a small group of fellow artists to submit 'challenging, surprising, and not previously exhibited' work to illustrate their own responses to the question posed by the exhibition's title. As well as examining the artists’ personal experiences of the decades following the Wolfenden Report, the exhibition strives to encourage cultural reflection during a time in which many perceive a rise of intolerance in the UK and USA.


Jonathan Armour, one of the organising artists said: 

"The exhibition will enable us to look back at the many changes experienced by gay people since the 1960s. There is no doubt that we have come a long way since then, but there is still much work to be done, so ’Now, where are we?" will carry a critical - as much as celebratory - tone and may therefore set us apart from other institutions' more congratulatory messages. The show poses a deliberately direct question and, although we are not expecting anyone to have the definitive answer, we are looking forward to generating debate and engaging with visitors at the gallery to elicit a personal response."

Admission to "Now, where are we?" is free.

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Notes for Editors:

The Sexual Offences Act 1967 decriminalised homosexual sex between two men - in private and only for those aged 21 or over. The proposals drew upon the findings of the Wolfenden Report in 1957, which recommended the decriminalisation of certain homosexual offences.


AndroTechne artists include Jonathan Armour, Guy Burch, Brian Dennis, Richard Dickson, Santiago Echeverry, Sunil Gupta, Martin Ireland, Richard Sawdon Smith and Milan Svanderlick. AndroTechne is a collective of queer-minded artists with an interest in the figure of man in contemporary art. Membership is open to all queer-minded artists, no matter how they define themselves in terms of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or religion. The collective's main aim is to provide a creative and challenging platform for such emerging and established artists to create, collaborate, and exhibit their work.  


“Now, where are we?" runs at the Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam Street (near Trafalgar Square), WC2N 6BP, from 27 June to 9 July in parallel with the annual Pride Festival which culminates with the Pride Parade on Saturday 8th July.  

Visit for more details.


Key dates:

Opening Night - Tuesday 27th June 2017, from 17.00 to 20.00.

Private View – Wednesday 28th June, 13.00 to 18.00, by invitation only.


Talks Event - Friday 30th June 2017, from 18:30 to 21.00, featuring presentations by and discussions with Jonathan Cooper OBE, Professor Richard Sawdon Smith, Sunil Gupta, Santiago Echeverry.


Check website for latest event news and press information.

Artists Jonathan Armour and Brian Dennis are available for media interviews: 

Brian Dennis, +447764 943129.  

Jonathan Armour, +447989 381672


LGBTQI is the standard acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex people. 

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