‘While we celebrate 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of sex between men, we must not forget the victims nor the long struggle of those who succeeded in replacing a large body of anti-gay law with a raft of statutory LGBT rights, putting England amongst the world’s most progressive nations. Artists have often been in the forefront of this struggle, pushing the boundaries through their work, and I have striven both to celebrate what has been achieved and to emphasise that nothing should be taken for granted - reactionary forces are ever-present, longing to dismantle what’s been tirelessly achieved.’


Londoners at Home: The Way We Live Now is very much a work in progress but for this exhibition, Milan has extracted from it four LGBT subjects: he wanted to celebrate how life has changed for the better, to remember the thorny path travelled in securing the new social norms, but also to expose the lurking shadows he fears - should the fundamentalists regain their influence, our hard-won rights will be trampled under jackboots again. These images are his contribution to this important debate; when complete, he hopes the project will reveal the great tapestry of London’s uniquely variegated life.