'What's the Point?' - Menier Gallery, London, 2019

Amidst rising rightwing politics the world over, destruction of rainforests, erosion of human rights, widespread urban dystopia, and conversely in the wake of raised awareness, one may ask, what's the point?  Eight artists presented their individual take on what drives them to make what they make.


'FLUID Berlin- The Ballery, Berlin, 2019

Transferred from London to Berlin during Folsom Festival, this group exhibition by 7 artists explored the dynamic nature of sexuality, identity and desire.

FLUID- Espacio Gallery, London, 2019

This exhibition and series of events examined the meaning of the word 'Fuid' in contemporary culture.

'BrOther'- Menier Gallery, London 2018

What is a BrOther? A person you are related to, sometimes a role model or at times someone to compete with, a close friend or a kinship. It can refer to a member of the same race, fraternity, religion or organisation.

That Shadow of a Shadow- Old Brompton Gallery, London, 2018

“What is the body? That shadow of a shadow of your love, that somehow contains the entire universe.” Rumi  This inaugural exhibition of AndroTechne's sister group, the artist collective Male Intensive Enquiry Unit, was a contemporary scrutiny of the body through life drawing.


A Dartington Outing- Dartington Hall, Devon, 2017

AndroTechne was represented by Jonathan Armour, Brian Dennis, and Richard Dickson in this event which featured seven days of playful and provocative events to mark the 50th anniversary of the (partial) legalisation of homosexuality in the UK.


Now, where are we, 1967-2017- Strand Gallery, London, 2017

Attended by the Lord Mayor of Westminster, this show and series of talks reflected upon this moment in the UK's social history, as part of commemorative events to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of sex between men. Curated by Michael Petry, the exhibition featured works from a diverse collective of artists in a wide range of media, in parallel with the annual Pride Festival.

now where.jpg

'Indelible' - Camden Image Gallery, London, 2016

‘Indelible’: examined the enduring marks on our physique, our psyche and our world.  While beauty, diseases, tattoos or fears can only last a life span, our indelible marks on paper may endure long beyond our time. 

'XV Feria DEARTE'-Palacio de Neptuno, Madrid, 2016

Artists Jonathan Armour, Andres Canovas, and Brian Dennis were invited to create and display pieces for this international art fair in Madrid.  The visit included a radio interview about the group's approach to the portrayal of the male form.

're:Defining Beauty' - Leyden Gallery Spitalfields, London, 2015

Inspired by the British Museum exhibition 'Defining Beauty' which examined the invention of the modern idea of the human body in art, the works presented were created in a variety of traditional and non-traditional media to consider the male nude as "an object of beauty and bearer of meaning".