Idiot, with tomatoes (Lesson 1 - Stay Alert), 2020
89 x 54 x 3.5 cm (h x w x d)
#drawing mixed media


Well considered advice, or meaningless soundbite?

In the second week of March, 2020 I became very ill from the virus that I had previously dismissed as media hype. With burning lungs, a burning fever, and unable to stay awake for any period of time, I slept through the transition from the former version of the World to the current.


As I recovered, I was amongst those of us to find themselves furloughed from work, cut off from friends, and unable to travel to my art studio. Life became about the most basic of tasks - cleaning the flat, planning grocery orders, and having a go at growing tomatoes.


What have I learned? What has the nation learned? What has the world learned?


Idiot, with tomatoes (Lesson 1 - Stay Alert) - Certified Original