Idiot, with tomatoes (Lesson 2 - Learn a New skill!), 2020

89 x 54 x 0.5 cm (h x w x d)

#drawing mixed media


A plan for the future or an underestimation of the need for the arts?

In the second week of March, 2020 I became very ill from the virus that I had previously dismissed as media hype. With burning lungs, a burning fever, and unable to stay awake for any period of time, I slept through the transition from the former version of the World to the current.


As my furloughed status continued, I watch long-time colleagues and friends be made jobless, pack up their suddenly unaffordable lives and leave London. I am currently fortunate enough not to be forced to make the decision between giving up everything, or clinging on against hope and in the face of financial ruin.


What do you do when the only advice that can be printed on a pamphlet for you is 'give up and start again'? When and if the COVID era ends, will ads be made that encourage cyber assistants to take up ballet?

Idiot, with tomatoes (Lesson 2 - Learn a New skill!) - Certified Original